Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A red sun rises...

An Amber Ale was brewed this night.

Not long ago, an Amber Ale named Killer Sprocket from a brewery called Killer Sprocket came on tap at the pub and it was delicious. It pretty much summed up what i want from an Amber ale. A shit ton of malt,

and valour.

So shortly after, i decided to brew one, especially considering it was Autumn at the time and Ambers are usually a good cold weather beer. In Melbourne, you need that.

The recipe i stole straight from John Palmers 'How to Brew'. I figured it would be the best place to start, that guy seems to know what's up. This is what my recipe looked like after a couple of modifications because of availability.

Big Basin Amber Ale

3.8kg Joe White Pale Malt
560g Crystal 60L
350g Crystal 90L
350g Torrified Wheat

14g Chinook at 60 mins
28g Hallertau Mittlefrueh at 30
28g Willamette at 15

All done Brew in a Bag style.

Mash went fine thanks to a cozy sleeping bag, hugs and some love.

Since this was my second brew, sparging was a little bit tricky, so i'm not sure how much i managed to get out of the grain, but i did it anyway.

Sweet, sweeeeet wort.

I really need to notch my pot so i know how much liquid i have in there.

Hops with scattered grain husks. What any good brew day should look like.


During bottling another beer i will make a post about.

The best beer I've made for sure. We started drinking them too early because after we tried one, and it tasted so good, we couldn't stop. Near the end of the batch it started tasting MUCH better, but by that time we only had about 6 left... And now we only have one...

Maybe i should make all my posts LOTR themed...

Ah well, lesson learnt. Have patience, it will taste much better that way.

Most photos/video taken by Becky Nosiara.

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