Monday, June 17, 2013

I so Pale.

You can tell she's thinking about brewing a Pale Ale.

Time to brew a session beer, i thought.

While buying the grain for the Amber Ale i brewed, me and my friend bought a 25kg bag of pale ale malt because it cost less to buy over 20kg, we knew we'd use it, and it was a fucking 25kg bag of grain.


So after brewing 2 all grain brews: the Coffee Stout and the Amber Ale, i decided to finish off the hops in the freezer and use some of this grain i had sitting around to make an awesome session beer that my friends could drink, and the idea was to make lots of it.

As mentioned previously, i have a 32 L pot, and i wanted to make 30 litres of beer. The best way to do this would be to dilute. 

The recipe was simple:

-6kgs of Joe White Pale Malt, finely crushed.

Left over freezer hops (guess work):
-20g Chinook at 60mins
-20g Centennial at 30mins
-And a definite 30g of Cascade, dry hopped for 7 days.

It was a 20 L mash for 60 minutes from 68C down to 65C and then an hour long boil, giving me a very concentrated 15 L of sweet wort. Just before adding the yeast i added an extra 15 L of cold tap water, bringing me up to 30 L at about 1.045. Perfect!

I had a friend come over and help out on the brew day, he is the bar manager at Deja Vu, his name is Joe.

Another thing was that i borrowed my friend James' grain mill for the day, which he had recently purchased. It was fun... I got to use a power drill.

1.5L of grain = 1kg of grain.

Hamish's "power drill".

Getting better at sparging i think...

Thanks Joe!

Something something boil is finished! And this is what it looked like after leaving it to chill on its own in the bathtub for a while!

A nebula of beer...

A nebula of beer... Changing my blog from 'Smell My Beer' to 'The Beer Nebula'. DONE.

Here is the tasting of the beer about 2 weeks after bottling:

Photos and video taken by Becky Nosiara unless otherwise stated or obvious.

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