Monday, June 2, 2014

Build up to the biggest brew day of my life.

In the next couple of weeks, i am going to undertake some crazy, crazy brewing things.

Here's the plan:

I'm going to host a German sausage fest at my house, we are going to source some awesome kransky and bratwurst, probably smoke them and eat them with home made sauerkraut. To go along with these, i am going to make 2 beers, a Rauch-Ale and a Munich Dunkel Kellerbier, inspired by this recipe from the golden days of Brewing TV.

Both beers i am going to use the decoction method to brew, the Rauch-Ale will be single decoction with a mash out and the Dunkel will be TRIPLE DECOCTION.

Not only am i completely terrified of decoctions, i am completely terrified of decoctions.

The other thing is that i will be serving them in corny kegs which i am converting to casks. They will be cask conditioned, low carbonation, and served at ambient winter temps.

And lastly, i will be getting my brother, who works as a video technician for Penguin Books to be filming the whole thing, with detailed instructions on how to do everything (including how to make sauerkraut!).

So stay tuned, this is going to be fun.

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